Adam Dreamhealer™

Dreamhealer ( Dream Healer )
Hello Adam and Liz and Frank. It’s been 5 days since Mike saw you Adam in New Westminister and he’s not tired. I got right to the point there because we’re so happy and grateful. After the treatment, he slept for most of the day and woke up feeling “less tired”. That was a good sign for us cuz he always gets up more tired than refreshed.
Then we said nothing for two days……just to see.
Well, on Sunday Michael suddenly turned to me and yelled, “I feel great! I haven’t felt like this in so long! I’m 10 times better! Right now I feel normal tired, ready for bed tired. Not sick and tired.” And the last 48 hours has brought more good stuff. Like his appetite is back. Eating every two hours like only a teenage boy can. The sickly paleness is gone, the huge black bags around his eyes are gone, the painful sensitivity to light is gone, the sadness and bewilderment are gone. When the kids at school asked him “howcome?” he was not ready to tell them about Adam so he gave no answer. But Michael wants to tell others about what he learnt last Wednesday. He’s getting really good at the visualizations and aura combing. Won’t go without it anymore. I do it too.
You have done it Adam. I am so grateful. Michael wants to write you but is waiting a little longer. Even if you get many many thanks from many many people I want to express my thanks as deeply as is possible on this stupid computer. Nobody else was able to help. I was getting afraid. He had this fatigue since he was about 12. We will support you and your family to all who doubt your work.
The most incredible realization came to me later the same day of the treatment. Adam, you said something about Mike’s brain being hit or something. I was in a remote tiny village in the south of Italy with no proper medical care. 2 days of labour and a difficult birth. His head had been grasped by forceps and twisted and squished quite a bit. He had a squashed head when he was born. Absolutely amazing your gift. I never would have thought of it or put it together. The concussion he got in soccer a year and a half ago was simply the re-enactment of the original trauma. Wow.
I hope to meet again. In awe of your talents………yours very sincerely, Mike’s mom,


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