Open minds beware of debunkers who insist on their own meaning of “proof”, but in the name of “science”!

In today's world many are at a level of intellectualism that has roots in the Newtonian paradigm, where the simple laws of cause and effect stand and of which most of modern science is based on.

It is said that everything in the manifest world comes from the non-linear, unmanifest "field" of which all creation is born and evolving at the same "time". This non-linear dimension if you will is what baffles many Quantum Physicists and others when conclusions are drawn such that "the consciousness of the observer" affects the experiment itself.

The above statement says a lot when considering any modern day "linear" scientific tests that are performed on phenomena that are occurring of their own in the "non-linear" dimension and in "context" of other conditions such as "intent" that may result in a healing. Such an experiment, for instance, performed on a healer such as Adam must be carefully considered and deployed to insure that the proper measures are being taken into consideration.

Simply put, many of today's measuring instruments and experimenters (read their "level of consciousness") are not equipped to measure that which has its source in the "non-linear" dimension. We became able to measure radio waves and other "invisible" energy fields, and we are slowly emerging the capability to measure subtle "healing" energy such as that which affects brain wave states.

As the saying goes, "You can't measure ghosts with a Geiger Counter", so we must be sure to have the proper experimental conditions. And, considering the Heisenberg / Uncertainty Principle, what the person holds in consciousness that is conducting the experiment can actually affect the outcome, wow! So in the future as experiments are conducted on subtle energy careful consideration should be made as to who the actual person is that is conducting the experiment in the first place and their intent!

That is why any hard lined skeptic that holds his positionality so strongly on an experiential viewpoint will most certainly obtain consistent results which will continue to bind him to his current, debunking belief system.


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