Infrared Sauna Therapy Saves Ground Zero Heroines/Heroes Suffering From 9/11 Related Skin Rashes and Illnesses

A study released by the Olive Leaf Wholeness Center on March 21, 2006 linked 160 persons’ abnormally high incidence of respiratory and digestive problems, insomnia, skin rashes, depression, weight gain, lethargy, recurring headaches, and elevated blood pressure to heavy metal toxicity — excessive levels of lead and mercury — as well as the 1000 tons of asbestos, 130,000 gallons of oil, 10,000 gallons of jet fuel, and airborne cancer-causing dioxins dumped on lower Manhattan by the malicious terrorist attack. Following successful primary treatment utilizing sulfur compound DSMA, infrared therapy was an adjunctive therapy utilized to transport heavy metals from survivors’ tissues and more specifically, to reduce their related skin rashes.

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