Primetime DreamHealer

For years, Adam, the internationally known distance healer and author, kept his full name and identity hidden — and for good reason. The family of the Vancouver teenager was concerned that his remarkable powers might affect his social development.

That quest for privacy came with a side benefit: a bit of mystique. Adam’s desire for a secret identity ironically gave him an air of mystery that generated even more interest in his work.

This month, Adam is doing something Clark Kent would never dream of: revealing his identity. On July 13, Adam will expose his name and face on TV for the first time, on ABC’s Primetime Live.

Adam sees his unmasking as a natural progression and hopes the program will help draw greater attention to his seminars and his book Dreamhealer, which is being released this month in the U.S. by Penguin Books.

The 19-year-old feels he’s ready to deal with the extra attention that will come his way. “I really don’t let it get to me,” says Adam of all the interest he receives. “I do my best to help as many people as I can but I also maintain my own health by living a normal life.”

Just how normal? On the night the ABC broadcast reveals his face to the world, Adam won’t even bother to watch it. “It airs on July 13, which is actually my birthday,” he says. “I’ll be out at a party somewhere.”



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