Nigeria: Nigerian Scientists Claim Cure for Sickle Cell

Uthman Abubakar
Since the beginning of life on earth, diseases have existed. They emerge and multiply according to environmental changes and complications over time, especially bordering on social or group conducts, physiological behaviours and sanitary conditions, in the case of humans and animals, environmental conditions, soil contents and agricultural practices, in the case of plants. There are more numerous causes of diseases than have so far been discovered.
Diseases are not known until they emerge, and as they do so, scientists research into them to determine their causes and manufacture their cure. Many, perhaps most, diseases ravage life for a very long time and on a frightening scale before their cures are found. Some of such diseases have existed for ages, yet their specific cures have either not yet been found or they have just been found, but they have not been sufficiently tested and applied to determine their efficacy and safety according to the rules of medication.

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