Alternative medicine proves pet-friendly

July 9, 2006

By Suzanne Ellis

When Jack the spaniel’s hind legs were paralysed as a result of an injury, his owners were distraught.

Their vet did everything he could, but the prognosis was bad. Faced with the dire prospect of euthanasia, Jack’s owners began to search for another option.

They, themselves, had benefited from physiotherapy treatment and wondered if anything similar was available for animals. Inquiries eventually led to a practitioner in both animal and human physiotherapy.

Julia Hewitson, who has 28 years experience in this field, began to work on Jack. She administered a series of treatments and prescribed an exercise programme. He began to improve, and before long he completely recovered the use of his legs. Jack’s potential date with a lethal injection was struck from the calendar.

Although many people use complementary therapies for their own healing, few are aware that these are also available for animals.

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