Empower Plus


Thank you so much for your excellent coverage on  Empower Plus and this important turn around.

Likely you will hear from Terry Polevoy, who is blatantly pro-pharmaceuticals who (poorly) wrote a book attacking Empower, Truehope and Dr. Kaplan, whining about your article.

Sour grapes.

His style is to overwhelm agencies and businesses with his criticisms of anything with which he disagrees.

At one point, after he bomboarded a radio station with hundreds of emails attacking a woman with an alternative radio show, her bosses could no longer handle the pressure and she was let go.

He has been suing me for 6 years, and even wrote letters to my attornies in his desperation. He was uncovered on the internet (Usenet) donning the disguise of a woman he called “Vera Teasdale” to augment his attacks against me and others he was suing while this case is being heard in the Supreme Court of California.

Please continue to cover this story and tell the truth.

Anti-science bigots like Polevoy have no place in medicine.

Ilena Rosenthal