Hi Vakker … thanks for your comments.
You can see that Polevoy and Barett’s team is tyring to rewrite
history … I just won’t allow it. I see it in the breast implant
world too … their PR flacks are fully active on every level …

Best from Ilena Rosenthal

(PS: I had to start writing my full name because Barrett’s Team was
filling Usenet with their garbage about me, using  their Google
Bombing strategies and I needed to counter their nonsense.)



Peter Moran … you, like the typical strategy of you Healthfrauds …
are attempting to change history and rewrite it …I will not let this
go unresponded to, although I am quite busy at the moment.

You waste my time with your nonsenical and Barrett laden false facts
you post here.

I’m going to tell you about another of Terry “Vera Teasdale” Polevoy’s
targets … since you have come to the inaccurate and wrong conclusion
that my losing plaintiffs were somehow my poor victims.

Remember, Christopher Grell PERSONALLY sued me for libeling him … I
had NEVER mentioned his name.

Here is someone who has been under attack by Polevoy for years …
check his wacko site if you doubt me …

A beautiful 20 year old man who goes by the name of Adam Dreamhealer.


Your Polevoy has been throughout the internet and Canada hunting this
young man down … YOUR Terry Polevoy even “begged for donations” (to
use their term) to find out where this young man lived and EXPOSE this
on national Canadian television … the parents had to hire attorneys
to protect themselves from Polevoy


It is despicable Polevoy’s maniacal behavior … attempting to hunt
down and discredit and smearing him at every turn.

I may well go to hear him in Los Angeles next week  myself .. what a
wise man beyond his years.

Adam is so young and beautiful … Polevoy has NO NEED TO KNOW OF HIS
PHYSICAL WHEREABOUTS yet he is obsessed.

Did Young Adam ever post  attack Polevoy or even know of his existence
before Poelvoy began his addictive obsession to hurt Adam???

Read the history and you’ll find your beloved Terry Polevoy is a
frightening out of control maniac … who goes on crusades against
various targets on his websites and on the Healthfraud List and
whatever media he can get to pay any attention to him … and
threatens lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit to anyone who dares
discuss his tactics. And yes, these are my opinions, based on being
one of his many targets for nearly 6 years now.

Adam, too, has  been a target of Polevoy’s for years now … not vice
versa as you imply.

THIS IS THE BEHAVIOR of your beloved Polevoy  …

I heard young Adam speak today on the Radio… how well spoken and
connected with humankind he is. What a contrast to the hatefilled,
crazed letters Polevoy shoots off to anyone who writes about Adam

Adam and his family must protect themselves against the intrusions of
Terry Polevoy.

Ms McPhee was definitely terrorized by Polevoy … he still watches
her every move and posts and has his demented shills like Willa
Nanaweedkiller Nidiffer attack her too …

Peter Moran … you know nothing of the tactics of the quackbuster
regime only because you are blind to it. God knows what else has a
“doctor” you have been  blind to and how much your patients suffered
because of your blindness and biases.

Your buddy Mark Probert’s discredited history as a disbarred NY former
lawyer would never have come to light probably, had he not made up
wild stories and donned disguises of women, and called and threatened
me at my home/office. He intruded in my life … not vice versa as he
falsely claims on Usenet.


This team was integrated into the SBI Private Club which hunted me
down in San Diego and Costa Rica …



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