Acupuncturist pokes holes in Western medicine

Acupuncture therapist Yong K. Park stared deeply into staff writer Robin Toepp’s eyes. Using a method called iridology, he says he looks for signs of weakness or stress to help him “diagnose” a patient’s needs. It is just one of several methods of healing Park uses.
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HMO, doctors sued over death

The family of a 41-year-old father of four who suddenly went blind in one eye and died days later of a massive brain hemorrhage is suing a network of local doctors and an HMO, alleging that the man might have lived had his case been treated with the urgency it demanded.

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Doctors sued for uninterest, say researchers in US

Doctors who seem hurried and uninterested are at risk of being sued even if they practise good quality medicine, said researchers in the US last week. A team led by researchers from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, examined the malpractice records of obstetricians in Florida during 1987 and found that those who had higher levels of satisfaction among their patients also had lower rates of malpractice claims filed against them.

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Medical misdiagnosis results in paraplegia for victim

Our client suffered a thoracic spinal fracture in a motor vehicle collision. Misdiagnosis and mismanagement of this injury by the treating health care providers resulted in our client’s paraplegia. We filed a personal injury action against the negligent driver and a Medical Malpractice/Professional Negligence action against the hospital and physician. We settled with the driver for $1,500,000 and with the medical providers for $1,900,000. | client awarded: $3,400,000

Failure to perform CT scan leads to death of youth

Our client’s teenage son was involved in a rollover pick-up truck accident, in which he sustained multiple orthopedic injuries and pulmonary contusions. After he was transported to a rural Virginia emergency room, the boy was chemically paralyzed and intubated in an effort to oxygenate him due to his prolonged hypoxia. The physicians failed to perform a head CT Scan prior to paralyzing the boy and were therefore unable to determine the existence of the boy’s intracranial injury. The boy suffered cardiac arrest, went into a coma and eventually died. Our experts attributed the boy’s death to the undiagnosed brain injury. | client awarded: Confidential

Spinal cord injury results from negligent surgery

Case against neurosurgeon for negligent surgery resulting in spinal cord injury. | client awarded: $500,000

Failure to diagnose mild brain injury leads to settlement

After a rear end motor vehicle collision, our client was told by the emergency room physician that she suffered a cervical strain. Thereafter, she experienced prolonged headaches, dizziness, memory loss and anxiety. Her physicians ultimately diagnosed a post concussion syndrome. The defense contended that our client suffered only a minor whiplash, but settled before trial for $600,000.00. | client awarded: $600,000