SkepticsOver the last 4 years Adam has shared his experiences and abilities with thousands of people. His teachings of healing techniques have helped many around the world. As it is with any new idea Adam has also sparked the interest of a few skeptics. Some of these skeptics are set on destroying anyone who exibits special abilities like Adams. Up until this point Adam has resisted countering their attacks, however as Adam’s popularity continues to increase, so will their uninformed voices. These skeptics are attempting to discourage people from exploring all alternative healing possibilities, including Adam’s method of energy healing. This is doing a major disservice by discouraging those who may otherwise be ready to consider this type of healing. The skeptics target many successful and well-known people who have made significant strides in helping others.  Adam’s main objective is to help as many people as possible and he will continue on this path regardless of the skeptics’ persistent negative attacks. In contrast to the skeptic’s statements, Adam’s honesty and integrity always shows through in everything that he says and does.   


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