Sleazy Quackbusters

Polevoy, who obviously has little scientific training, claims his MD license gives him god-like credibility. Apparently, he feels that license entitles him to bad behavior, also.


North American Health Professionals, AND HEALTH ACTIVISTS, have long been aware of a plot to destroy the consumer-driven “Alternative Medicine/Health” movement. The conspirators, brazenly calling themselves “The Quackbusters,” falsely infer that there is something unwholesome, unsavory, or fraudulent, about leading-edge health professionals that don’t deluge their patients, and clients, with expensive, dangerous pharmaceutical drugs.

Health activists, and “alternative practitioners” together, outnumber the “Quackbuster” ranks 100,000 to 1. All the “Quackbusters” have are those “deep pockets” behind them – and they way things are – that’s probably a paper tiger. I think that when push comes to shove, Barrett, and his tiny little team, are going to find themselves very much alone in the world.

IT IS TIME TO PUSH AND SHOVE – and find out who is behind Barrett, Polevoy, and the others – and give them the bill for what they’ve done to North Americans.



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