Politics and Suppression in the “War on Cancer”

From an economic perspective, the American Cancer Industry1 has the perfect business model. Chemical and pharmaceutical companies make immense profits from selling carcinogenic chemicals that enter, or are intentionally put into, our food, water, air, clothing or housing2, then make more profits by manufacturing and selling expensive, inefficient and toxic drugs to treat the cancers and other diseases promoted by their own products, not to mention the additional drugs to make the side-effects of the primary drugs bearable. To make the scam perfect, they let the taxpayer fund their research into new ways to not cure cancer while still selling the resulting drugs at obscene profits. To ensure that the public remains blissfully unaware of the true facts concerning cancer, they have set up front groups like the American Cancer Society to spread disinformation in the name of cancer education, while their puppet agency in government, the FDA, is fighting an aggressive turf war to keep effective alternative treatments off the market.

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