Skeptical about the Skeptics

Whenever I really want to be amused, I spend a few minutes reading the latest admonishments and retortments from the extreme skeptics of natural medicine. By “extreme skeptics,” I don’t mean actual critical thinkers who apply genuine open-minded curiosity to the world around them, I mean the pseudoscientific zealots who berate anyone who believes in acupuncture, massage therapy, homeopathy, herbal medicine, sunlight therapy, breath therapy, meditation or any number of other natural healing modalities. They think vitamins are useless, acupuncture is quackery, and that all medical treatment should be limited to drugs, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.These extreme skeptics are truly impressive in the depth of their knowledge: There is nothing true in the universe that they don’t already know. All science has already been discovered, they proclaim, and therefore all new “whacky” ideas about vibrational healing, energy medicine or nutritional therapy are based on nothing but quackery. That’s why they’ve constructed an intellectual moat in order to keep all such bad ideas out of the Church of Logic.

I’ve also learned from these omniscient rationalists that there is no such thing as mysterious, invisible energy vibrations. I’m not sure how radios work, then, or magnets, or nuclear medicine, or the subatomic weak nuclear force, or quantum computing, or even the vibrating piece of crystal that governs the clock on my computer’s CPU, but I’m pretty sure it’s only because I’m too stupid to understand genuine “scientific thinking,” which is apparently based on learning how to invoke obfuscating scientific-sounding incantations to support conclusions you have previously committed to.

More importantly, I’ve also learned from these skeptics that the universe operates in pure Newtonian fashion like a giant pinball machine, and that free will, creativity, love, intuition and faith are merely illusory notions invoked by chemical balances in the brain that should be treated with psychiatric drugs. Because, of course, people who actually FEEL anything are obviously irrational and have no place in our pinball machine universe.

Many of these extreme skeptics, I’ve also learned, don’t even believe in their own free will, since consciousness (they’ve explained to me) is merely a fleeting projection of a physical brain that operates like a wondrously complex Turing machine. This has me pondering an important question: Who does a skeptic think is offering the opinions of skepticism if that same skeptic does not believe in the existence of his own consciousness? Read More….


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