Randi’s Offer a Publicity Stunt

There has been a recent buzz on the PSI TECH bulletin boards regarding a Randi Psychic Challenge made a few weeks ago by former magician and self-proclaimed fraud and charlatan, James ‘Amazing’ Randi. Randi, it seems, has had for many years now a standing offer of $10,000 to anyone who can prove they possess psychic ability. Recently he claims that he has solicited pledges and the prize is now up to $1 million dollars.      The catch is the psychic must agree to a test according to Randi’s guidelines, where he is the sole judge. And as part of his challenge, the applicant must give up all rights to any legal action. In essence, the deal is rigged. Of course it is. What would you expect from a trickster? Frankly, none of us at PSI TECH ever believed Randi was for real. It is all just a publicity stunt; good for a few office laughs.

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