Watching the Quackwatch Watchers

Far from being healers in any way, Quackwatch is about ugly Smear Campaigns and SLAPP lawsuits to waste the time, energy, and resources of their many, many targets.

They wage War on every level possible, via Med Boards, meritless lawsuits, smear campaigns, harassing government agencies about those they wish to silence and filling Internet with lies. Many of the Usenet and Blog participants in these campaigns are members of the rag-tag posse. Click logo below for the list.

They have recently removed this page this is a webarchive of it

Here are some links to cases Barrett and/or other NCAHF members have waged & lost in the near past.

Their attacks are multi-fold.

Check out Health Freedom Law   

In what was a total disaster to NCAHF… this group of Barrett filed suit against KingBio … and then hired himself as an expert witness!

The Judges disagreed, calling Barrett, “… biased and unworthy of credibility.”

Stephen Barrett LOSES appeal on his SLAPP suit against Owen Fonorow (court documents)

Stephen Barrett’s and NCAHF’s Loss to Darlene Sherrell, anti-fluoride activist

Quack-busted! Calif. Chiropractor Wins Case Against NCAHF

Barrett & Grell lose to Ilena Rosenthal in classic SLAPP suit

Check out Health Freedom Law Website

Stephen Barrett loses to Dr. Tedd Koren in Allentown, Barrett’s hometown


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