DO people die from cancer or chemo poisoning?

A recent sad story about a young girl who died while on heavy chemotherapy treatments. If she had gone to an alternative healer and died the healer would be chastised by the medical system. However the doctors administer chemo and she died from cancer and everyone donates more money to those who administered the chemo. Is it possible she died from chemo poisoning? I just wonder why we never here about those who die from chemo poisoning instead of cancer. For many cancers doctors have no solutions so they administer toxic chemo which eventually kills the patients. It is time someone called the system to task and stop pretending we are in this to help people. My feeling is that we have to recover all the costs the pharmaceuticals have invested in drugs even if they kill the patient. Stop the killing!!!


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  1. My husband died of full system shutdown (chemotherapy). His blood count went to zero after the first chemo treatment. It was downhill from there. It was a slow horrible death and all I could do was watch. The heart doctors said he had a pre-existing heart condition. My husband went to the Doctor every year and for 57 years no one caught it? No heart Doctor working with the hospital gave me the same answer.

    Chemo is a cash cow. All any doctor told us was his cancer was curable. Which turned out to be not true.
    My husband does not have a value to the medical profession. If you had a similar situation and live in the midwest please go to the Medical Board with your concerns. The more cases brought to their attention the quicker they can start making laws to charge these Doctors with Manslaughter. If I robbed a bank and killed a teller I would go to jail. If a doctor rob’s a health insurance company and kill your loved one its billing.

  2. I have had a similar experience; there is nothing the doctors feel they are doing wrong, giving chemo is just what they have in their satchel of remedies, so they use it. The money made offering chemo is tremendous, tens of thousands of dollars for treatment, while alternative treatments in other countries is far cheaper and work. This whole cancer treatment in the US and other major hospitals throughout the world is an industry, the industry is fueled by the pharmaceutical companies, feeding the doctors drugs, the doctors dutifully prescribe the chemo, get bonuses even, and the patients take the drugs, die and everyone marches for cancer, giving money back for research that will never happen, but the top guys get richer, the pharmaceutical companies keep making and designing new money makers, the doctors keep handing it out; the circle of money keeps moving, and the patients never win. If this is what we want, and we think this fair then we are doomed, but if we demand the truth told, you have to get out there and speak it, tell people the truth, tell the story until you cannot speak another word, get it out there; do not let your loved one die in vain, they need the story told. Get people to go elsewhere, let others live. We are not going to change a billion plus industry, they will not allow us to do so but we can tell people to go elsewhere, not to believe the doctors’ lies, you are not going to get better on heavy doses of chemo, it will kill long before the cancer will.

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