Doctor Sued over Death

A Hardy doctor is being sued for medical malpractice and White River Health System Inc. is being sued for negligent credentialing and negligent supervision in regard to the doctor’s employment.The lawsuit, filed in Sharp County Circuit Court, alleges that Dr. Donald Lamoureaux caused 41-year-old Mark Short’s death by prescribing a lethal combination of narcotic medications. Short lived at 408 Arkansas Traveler Road south of Hardy.

Lamoureaux no longer works for White River Health Systems Inc.

“We terminated our employee relationship with Dr. Lamoureaux on Feb. 9, and we notified proper authorities of everything that we should have notified them of,” Sheila Mace, public relations coordinator for WRHS Inc., said Monday.

On Feb. 28, Lamoureaux resigned as medical director of the Cave City Nursing Home, where he had been director for about three years, Administrator Annetta Maupin said.

The affidavit filed with the lawsuit states that Short began seeing Lamoureaux on April 12, 2004, and trusted Lamoureaux to give him good care and to make sure the medications prescribed were safe and appropriate. read more…


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