Courts Seize “Quackbuster” Bank Accounts, Property…

Bolen Report A few days ago, Christopher Grell, one of the Plaintiffs, and the attorney for the Plaintiffs Stephen Barrett and Terry Polevoy , filed an emergency Ex Parte Motion with the Alameda, California Trial Court in the Barrett v. Clark (Rosenthal) case asking for a Temporary Restraining Order preventing Defendant Rosenthal from collecting attorney fees awarded to Rosenthal by the Courts. The Court denied the Motion, and “collection” has begun in earnest. Rosenthal, you will remember, in a six year legal battle, soundly thrashed the trio all the way to the California Supreme Court. Rosenthal, the head of the Humantics Foundation, a group pointing out the dangers of silicone breast implants, had been sued by the trio in 2000 where they claimed she was some sort of conspirator supposedly defaming them on the internet. Rosenthal, in her answer to the suit, filed a Motion to Dismiss the suit against her claiming that the trio’s action constituted a violation of California’s anti-SLAPP law. The Court agreed, dismissing the case against Rosenthal, and awarded her attorney fees. The bottom line here is that QUACKBUSTERS IS GETTING BUSTED!!!! And they’re part of the problem which stands between medical freedom, cutting edge medicine, and alternative medicine, which are the free market solutions to the healthcare debacle!!! I say “amen” to this.  Read More….


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  1. And thanks to Ilena Rosenthal, MolesterPolevoy and StalkerBarrett have received their respective cum’uppins’.

    For the record, CrazyTerry Polevoy is a fraud, charlatan, stalker and molester.

    CrazyStephen Barrett is an old man that simply can’t get it up anymore.

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