Critique of

The purpose of is supposedly to focus on healthfraud. However when you go to their website there are hundreds of items for sale. Why would it be of benefit to critisize someone for quackery and then advertise their books and DVD’s for sale at the same time.  For instance they critisize the chiropractors and at the same time he sells the Chiropactic Self Help Book. He critisizes Hulda Clark and right next to the critisism is Hulda’s book for sale, The Cure for All Diseases. This is typical all throughout the website. It is like navigating through a maze of sale items to find anything worthwhile to read. Everything from 100’s of book sales; movie rentals; home theatre; Tools and hardware; Computers; kitchen and houseware; toys, video games; music; electronics; skin products of all kinds; clothing; business cards; weight loss programs; software….the list goes on. Is the focus on healthfraud or selling any kind of product to whoever visits that website.


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