Infant massage is now used to enhance the development of children with special needs

TOUCH Infant massage is an integral part of modern paediatric healthcare in most countries. In China, the Chinese Paediatric Society, Chinese Maternity Society and Nurses Association incorporate the Touch Infant Massage programme into their education modules. Closer home, in Malaysia, more than 75 maternity centres use the Infant Massage Programme as part of their instruction modules in parenting classes for new mothers.  

At Touch Research Institute (TRI) based in Miami, the United States, where much of the basic research is being conducted, scientists are beginning to understand not only the healing powers of touch but also its role in enhancing growth and immunity. They have found practical applications for Touch Infant massage in babies born with autism, cerebral palsy, asthma, Down Syndrome, and premature babies and those with post-traumatic stress disorder.  Read More…


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