The Secret Eli Lilly Zyprexa Documents–A Case For CivilDisobedience

FindLaw columnist, Julie Hilden, a First Amendment lawyer, brings a fresh
perspective to the controversy surrounding the sealed Zyprexa documents.
In general, she notes, “companies’ overprotecting drug-related information
predictably harms patients. It also has other bad effects: Research is
unnecessarily duplicated at different companies, in a waste of time and
effort, and cruel experiments on animals are duplicated, too.”

She challenges the rationale given by  Judge Jack Weinstein for sealing the
documents in the first place.
His contention that the seal “expedited” the discovery process leading to an
expeditious settlement, she argues, is not a sufficient reason to seal the
documents: “it was probably well worth spending the time to go through the
documents more specifically, for there was a strong public interest in what
they contained.”  Read More….


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