Discusting Pharma Bill Passed in Congress

I was just fascinated by a show tonight profiled on 60 minutes. Remember this is not Michael Moore selectively putting together different interviews to make his point known. 60 minutes is a respectable mainstream TV show. Their show was on a bill passed in the
US senate that would guarantee the pharmaceutical industry billions of dollars in profits. The drug companies spend 100 million dollars a year lobbying congress to pass bills which would increase their profit margin. This particular bill was passed in the early hours of the morning when everyone was sleeping. There were at least 15 congressmen who were pushing for this bill to pass. Within days of passing this windfall bill for the drug companies most of these congressmen became employed by the drug companies. One part of the bill that benefits the drug companies so much is the part that prevents the government from negotiating for lower drug prices. Unbelievable!! This is one of the main reasons Americans are buying their drugs from
Canada. The hunger for profits by drug companies and congressmen is totally criminal. The congressmen accepting lucrative jobs after being instrumental in passing a bill that would take more money out of the pockets of every American is down right criminal. None of these people will ever be prosecuted for what they have done. Instead we will build bigger prisons to jail the man who steals food to feed his family or teenagers who smoke a joint.


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