CODEX is about to Take ALL YOUR Rights Away!

CODEX is about to Take ALL YOUR Rights Away!

This week, the article will be a bit longer than usual. However, it must
be, because your life and the lives of your friends, neighbors and family
ARE at serious risk! We suggest you please send this to every individual
on your email list, prayerfully, they do the same. Now, you are going to
find out why!

World elitists who manufactured the World Trade Organization in co operation
with BIG BUSINESS, conspired back in 1962 to “take control” of your foods,
your supplements and just about anything that goes into your mouth! They
did this for more power and profit and control of your life and to promote
your premature death. Codex Alimentarius a/k/a Food Regulations has been a
highly directed and financed operation that can and will, if fully
implemented, destroy you! These very powerful Big Business and One World
control freaks, even back in 1962, set December 31, 2009 as the D-date for
implementation of the Codex Alimentarius “HARMonizing,” campaign. Codex
Alimentarius came first (as you will learn in this article) and was
conveniently connected to the infamous World Trade Organization.

Guess what, their plans are on track and the u.S.A.! Not only that but all
176 World Trade Organization members (as of the Codex meeting in Europe on
or about July 4, 2006) will be forced, as members of WTO, to adopt Codex
Alimentarius agenda guidelines. The more than 4,000 guidelines, initiated
by covert Codex members, will be implemented as of 12/31/2009! For any
member country who refuses to comply by that date, trade sanctions can and
more than likely will be placed against that country…but you will learn
more about trade sanctions and what they mean to YOU later on.

This gives us less than 3 years, while we still have the power, to squelch
the plan and destroy the monster, at least for a while, anyway…All part
and parcel of the World Trade Organization! “How do we do this?” you
ask…By working diligently now to “force” removal of our country’s
membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO). Right now, as you will
learn shortly, WTO really has no enforcement rights upon us. However, as of
12/31/2009, the regulations will go into effect and then, getting out may be
almost impossible without a total social and financial end to our society.
This smacks of UCC Regulations which we will not get into today or ever, for
that matter (you might want to explore UCC fully in your spare time,

Let us go back in history, so you can see exactly what prompted this
monumental monstrosity, expected to cost the world approximately 3 billion
deaths from Codex enforced and mandated toxins. One billion people are
expected to die from pure starvation due to the “food and supplement”
guidelines. Another two billion souls are expected to die as a result of
nutritionally related dis/eases like:

* America’s number one killer since 2005 – the BIG C, Cancer
* cardiovascular issues
* diabetes
* AND far more

It all began when the former president, Fritz DeMeer, of I G Fabin, huge
European pharmaceutical and chemical company was tried, found guilty and
interned as a result of the Nuremberg trials, following WW2. DeMeer,
working directly with the German High Command during WW2, was instrumental
in supplying toxic chemicals and more to prisoners during the war. He was
even creative enough to place “pro work” slogans on the gates in which
prisoners entered German concentration camps. He was a creative guy! Now
you will see just how creative he really was.

When this once powerful man was released from prison in 1962, (interesting
how so many found guilty were executed, yet he received a relatively short
prison sentence – Could it mean money and power pays?). He went to big
business, via the UN, FAO, NATO and friends, suggesting “if the powers
that be could take control of the food, they could take control of the
world!” What a “yummy” idea he presented. THEY JUMPED ON THE PLAN!
Through research the “powers that be” found the old Codex Alimentarius. The
original Codex had been adopted in about 1893 under the Austro-Hungarian
Empire and was disbanded at the conclusion of World War I, when there was no
more Austro-Hungarian Empire. The purpose of the original Codex
Alimentarius committee was a “passive” perusal of food and it’s affect on
European mankind, again, control, but not tyrannical control. The new UN
group adopted the name, Codex Alimentarius. They then implemented that
tried old name into a new format and the ultimate “food control” vehicle was
created. It was planned to be and is today, diabolical as well as

These ultra one world controllers intuitively understood then and still
understand today that patience always pays! Think of it, from 1962 to full
execution planned then and there for 12/31/2009! What the common man does
not understand is that because things move along like a slow running river,
almost unnoticed, unscrupulous ideals overwhelm us because we are busy
making ends meet, instead of our being diligent, watching and observing “our
enemy” endeavoring to control, even to destroy us. They plan, they budget,
they spend time and huge amounts of money preparing their agenda. AND
before we know it, we are enslaved! This is what has happened with Codex

The current (1962 forward) Codex Alimentarius committee meets annually.
Interestingly enough, Codex makes it’s decisions during their annual
meeting, July 4 each year…AND they’ve adopted more than 4,000 guidelines
since they initiated in 1962. This time, July 4, 2006, they voted to
implement Codex Alimentarius guidelines in the u.S.A. and all World Trade
Organization member countries, in relation to vitamins and minerals.
Because we are members of the World Trade Organization, new food and
supplement regulations will directly and negatively affect each one of us.

YOU can thank President Bill Clinton who “pushed” or fast tracked this
through America’s power base in 1994. The result, we are now supposedly
“forced” to follow all WTO rules as a member of this under-handed
organization. If not, WTO claims the right to impose “trade sanctions” upon
us! We WILL HARMonize with WTO guidelines! Achtung! (be aware!) AND,
while you are at it, look at the first four letters of HARMonize!

In talks by Dr. Rhima Laibow, MD, she says “so what!” She’s been
researching activities of Codex Alimentarius for more than 10 years and she
is concerned. In fact, she gave up her lucrative nutritionally oriented
practice to go to battle, exposing this insidious plan and organization.
She’s enlisted the assistance of several good and worthy attorney firms to
“study the issues” to see if the WTO really does have authority over us.
The legal beagles have found that prior to 12/31/2009, the WTO actually does
not have lawful authority over us now, but as of 12/31/09, they will have
authority! But the so-called “public servants” who are there to “serve??”
us, take from we the people, the right to impose these regulations upon
us. AND our public servants will initiate action against us if we do not
comply… In any other world, this would be called usurpation OR the servant
commits treason against it’s master!

If we tarry, we may find ourselves attempting to fight tyranny
single-handedly when we are attacked by “the system” when we find ourselves
using an illegal substance. That illegal substance could be simple herbs
grown in our gardens. Or it could be range fed beef, lamb, chicken or fish
that has not undergone the “enforced” chemical applications mandated by
Codex Alimentarius! If you or I have to fight this single handedly, we may
find the result to be quite expensive and emotionally, spiritually and
physically draining. But with things in place and we the people banding
together, we have a very good chance of throwing out Codex Alimentarius
through disassociating with WTO! YOU can be a part of this elimination,
get WTO out of America plan, so we can work together to keep OUR eating and
health freedom!

This is how you can help protect your own interests and those of the people.
Dr. Laibow has requested you go to to see a 40 minute 7 second video that
will make you nearly as informed as she is: Go to Google Search and put in
Criminalizing Natural, Health, Vitamins and Herbs and watch the video.
Next, go to her website at where you can sign a
petition to fight the demon.

Please understand, if we tarry, waiting until after the plan is implemented
in our country, getting it thrown out could take many long years of toil and
funds. By that time, all of us could have succumbed to ravages of dis/ease,
possibly even starvation due to the Codex Alimentarius WTO plan. No doubt,
it appears plans are to overwhelm our rights to supplementation and to food.
Yes, here’s the crux of the matter. YOUR FOOD WILL BE “TOXIFIED” by your
enemy, the BIG BUSINESS, BIG PHARMA, BIG MEDICO interests in the name of
people, world and health control. Get really pro active and go to search
engines at Google to locate Codex Alimentarius. Read the large amount of
information to educate yourself further on the terrible consequences of
remaining a part of WTO and Codex Alimentarius!

Look at the list of extremely toxic chemicals that have in the past been
banned from use in our country and many other countries as well. Seven of
the 12 chemicals on the POP list are on the Codex list for use on YOUR foods
in OUR country. AND when countries using these chemicals, 9 of which are
insecticides, send their produce to market for YOU to eat, they will not be
stopped at the borders of this country. They will be forcefully, if
necessary, allowed into your grocery stores for you and your family to eat.

Remember, go to, and sign the Second Amendment of
the petition that may just make the difference between your health freedom
or your health loss! Understand, you should also be emailing or calling all
of your congressional representatives. INSIST they vote to withdraw the
u.S.A. from the WTO. You see, the Congress places a ratio of 13,000 people
to each call or email sent. Don’t do snail mail. It’s not generally even
read. YOU have POWER! EXERCISE that POWER!

Yes, according to Dr. Laibow and many other experts on Codex Alimentarius,
Codex is not intended to support us, Rather, Codex represents ONLY the
interests of the following:

* Big Pharma
* Big Chema
* Big Bio Tech
* Big Agri Biz
* Big Medica


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