Part 2 Codex is about to Take All YOUR Rights Away!


What Codex Will Mean to YOU and to YOUR Food Consumption Rights

If Codex Alimentarius becomes a “so-called rule” in our country, supplements
in almost any form will be pulled from the shelves in all stores, including
pharmacies, grocery stores, health food stores, discount stores, multi level
marketing, alternative doctor’s offices and everything.

When I visited Germany in 2004, I witnessed this situation firsthand! When
Germany and Norway were used as a “test case” for Codex Alimentarius. Every
single supplement, including homeopathy and supplements were missing from
the little pharmacies in Munich. I went to one after another, NOTHING,
absolutely nothing remained in the pharmacies. This means all vitamins,
minerals, herbs, fatty acids, literally everything, will no longer be
available to us except possibly, a few innocuous minerals and vitamin C in
infinitesimally small doses which are shown to have absolutely no impact,
positive or negative upon our health! And the prices will be very high on
this do-nothing supplementation, just as it was in Germany in 2004.

In 2,000, when I was in Germany, little pharmacies were everywhere. They
sold homeopathy, supplements and other food based nutraceuticals. By 2004,
all I found were cosmetics, alcoholic beverages and “stuff!” This will
happen to us as well, if we do not exercise our rights and demand withdrawal
of WTO.

You will be told, if we withdraw from WTO, it will cause serious financial
loss to you and to America. DON’T BELIEVE IT! Prior to World War 2,
America was basically isolated from other financial and supply markets.
Guess what, we as a country did better then than we are doing today. Think
of it! America would be forced to supply it’s own steel, wood, gas
products, cloth and more. How many new industrial jobs would begin to be
available to our citizens if WTO membership countries boycott our country?
How much of a trade deficit do we have these days, anyway?

Don’t allow the “spin masters” to scare you into compliance with this
terrible program. It is intended to enslave us into having nothing except
pharmaceuticals, medical doctors okay our use of nutraceuticals, even ALL
OUR FOOD will be seriously tainted with enforced radiation and toxic
chemicals. AND all milk giving animals MUST have rbGH (synthetic growth
hormones now suspected being linked to cancer) from Monsanto’s museum of
horrors. All meats, whether feathered, haired or finned will require
enforced antibiotic applications and rbGH injections.

You will only be able to get “do nothing, low dosage junk” through a
prescription from expensive and unknowledgeable medical doctors.
Incidentally, many professionals have told me the doctors in Germany and
Norway refused to write prescriptions for supplements in Germany and in
Norway, just within the 21st century. AND you should know, the price of
literally “do nothing, low dosage minerals and vitamins etc. will be
enormously expensive just as they were in Germany and Norway in 2004.


Again, I remind you, Your foods, unless radiated, filled with rbGH
(Monsanto’s synthetic growth hormone) and with sub-clinical antibiotics will
be as illegal as heroine and cocaine are today! rbGH, will be mandatorally
injected into all milk producing animals. THERE WILL BE NO CHOICE FOR YOU!
EVERYTHING! All animals used for food, whether with feathers, on hooves or
with fins will require injections of rbGH, ALL!

Even “organic foods” will take on an entire new meaning because farmers will
be forced to HARMonize with protocols. “Why,” you ask? Because everything
will HARMonize to comply with the more than 4,000 Codex Guidelines already
in place to control each and every single thing entering your mouth. Meat,
poultry, fish, vegetables, fruits, dairy, nuts, seeds…EVERYTHING! There
will be literally nothing Organic!

Go to search engines and put in Codex Alimentarius…Go to their allowed
chemicals list and see just what they have in store for you! Under the
guidelines, you can and will be eligible for prison, even heavy fines for
eating clean foods.

Now you have enough of the story to begin your own research project…FIGHT
FOR YOUR RIGHTS! We all need to stop expecting somebody else to do our job
for us! GOOD LUCK in helping us remain free for food in America!

Again, We suggest you send this to everyone on your email list, requesting
they forward this to everybody on their list. WE have little time to thwart
the efforts of those who want ALL THE POWER, MONEY AND VOICE over our lives.

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