Court Orders Quackbusters Barrett and Polevoy to Post $433,715.93 Bond

The “quackbuster” organization is learning a very HARD lesson about the reality of the US legal system.  And, I’m very pleased. 

They’re learning, in the most humiliating, and financially devastating way, that US Courts don’t want the system abused to harass those that the “quackbusters” don’t like. 

In the Barrett v. Clark case, today, an order was issued for Plaintiffs Terry Polevoy MD, and Stephen Barrett MD, to come up with a grand total of $433,715.93 in bonds – $264,311.68 for Polevoy alone, and $169,404.25 from Barret and Polevoy – within thirty days. Barrett runs the questionable website “”  Polevoy is kind of the Canadian low-budget copy of Barrett, with garish colors.  Read More….


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