European practices lead the way in the frontier of prevention

“Cancer is a systemic illness that can be observed in the blood with new types of microscopes developed in Europe” says Dr. Karl Maret. “German doctors are also using new diagnostic biofield tests to detect latent imbalances in the connective tissue matrix that contribute to various diseases”

Traveling and studying throughout Europe, Maret is keen to share the knowledge regarding cutting-edge medical diagnostic tools presently used across the pond.

Trained as an electrical and biomedical engineer, Maret’s passion for the mechanics of diagnosic tools — actually the electronics — is as good as it gets. He describes the possibilities and potential of working with light and color spectrums for early detection of imbalances that can lead to disease.

“The variability of the heart rhythm can be used to detect the amount of autonomic nervous system stress that contributes to heart disease,” Maret explains, adding that prevention is key to health. Hence, much of the new frontier is about early warning signals that help people shift their awareness and lifestyle early on toward optimal health.

Although Americans love to see themselves as pioneers, much of the cutting-edge work in cancer prevention today began in Europe more than a century ago. Biofeedback, one approach Americans are familiar with that helps reduce stress levels associated with many diseases, began more than 50 years ago.  Read More….


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