vaccines are not safe at all

We have all been repeatedly told that vaccination is both safe and protective of children against dangerous diseases. Many parents upon learning of adverse effects realize that their trust has been betrayed—that vaccines are not safe at all. However, it is common for them to continue to trust that vaccines are effective and that the diseases they purportedly prevent are dangerous. This creates a terrible dilemma for these parents, who end up feeling that either way they are taking a risk.

However, with more investigation increasing numbers of parents are discovering that nature is not so cruel as to force such a difficult dilemma on them. The full reality is that not only do childhood illnesses (provided they are properly managed) have a priming and maturing role in immune system development rather than being dangerous to unvaccinated children1, but also vaccines have never prevented any diseases. Other factors have clearly been responsible for the declines that have occurred, and the very toxic and invasive nature of vaccines that causes the observed adverse effects also makes them counterproductive for their very purpose of protecting against diseases.

Rather than discussing the statistical evidence, false assumptions and misinterpretations relating to the myth of vaccination effectiveness, which are covered by various books and websites, what is far less widely known, and what I will cover here, is the actual effect that vaccines have on the immune system, which causes them to be counterproductive.

I must give credit for my awareness of this to Dr. Viera Scheibner, who is arguably unsurpassed in her width of knowledge and depth of understanding of the vaccination issue, having studied over 100,000 pages of medical research on the subject. Having worked closely with her over a number of years, I have read much of the most revealing research that she has uncovered.

There are two main causes of the problem: the toxic nature of the ingredients in vaccines and the invasive form of delivery.  Read More…

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