Adderall Abuse With Teens

July 6, 2007New findings show that more and more teens are using adderall, a drug prescribed to those with attention deficit disorder (ADD), for recreational use.

The drug has become popular with teens and college students nationwide who want to stay up all night in order to study and party.

Different Reactions for Various Users

According to Dr. Michael Boyle, the medical director of Henry Ford Health System Maplegrove, for those who have been properly diagnosed with ADD and take the medication as it has been prescribed, there is no risk of addiction.

However, for those who are not inflicted with ADD and take adderall to stay up all night, the side effects have been proven to be harmful.

Who Uses and Why?

“One in five college-age students misuses adderall,” claims Kathleen Altman from the Oakland County Health Division Substance Abuse office. “Since people who are not taking it with a prescription are using it in the party scene, it can give a high like cocaine and is often used with alcohol and other drugs.”

Boyle says that the drug is fairly easy to get for kids who simply go to their doctor’s or psychiatrist claiming they cannot concentrate and are not doing well in school, and oftentimes doctors will give them adderall without doing neuropsychological testing.

“Prescription drugs are harmful when taken on a long-term bases,” says Dr. Arnold Keller, executive director of Milestone Psychotherapy and Counseling Services in Northville. “Large doses can cause physiological deterioration, blotches on the face and skin rashes.”

(Source: The Oakland Press)

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