Combined Asthma Medications Increase Negative Side Effects

August 24, 2006

Doctors at the University of Iowa who specialize in the treatment of asthma have issued a renewed warning about asthma medications like Advair, which combine salmeterol with a steroid.

According to the warning, a small subgroup of patients are susceptible to suffer severe, even fatal, side effects as a consequence of using combined asthma medications. In a letter to the New England Journal of Medicine , the doctors cited two example cases.

Two patients who had used asthma medications that combined salmeterol with a corticosteroid suffered life-threatening medical problems that were not brought under control until their asthma medication was switched.

Advair is a widely prescribed asthma drug, effective in the treatment of sudden asthma attacks. However, doctors warn against using asthma drugs like Advair regularly as a preventative measure.

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