Cough Drugs for Kids Spark Concern

In Wake of FDA Review Suggesting Over-the-Counter Remedies
Pose Risks, Some Doctors Advise Traditional Treatments

October 2, 2007; Page B11

Drugstore shelves are full of cough and cold medications marketed for babies and toddlers, but doctors are increasingly opposed to the medicines’ use.

Now, recent safety reviews of these remedies from the Food and Drug Administration have added to the debate, leaving parents with a dilemma: How should they treat very young children suffering from runny noses and other mild but unpleasant symptoms?

Pediatricians suggest falling back on a range of old-fashioned therapies that may help, and will often provide comfort to a sick kid. These include humidifiers, saline drops and, yes, hydrating fluids such as the classic chicken soup. For a child with more serious symptoms, such as a consistent, wheezing cough that persists for more than a few days, parents should consider seeing a physician, they say. Read More .....

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