Most Treatments Don’t Fix Back Pain

Nove 8, 2007 

According to Australian researchers, symple therapy and medication is the best form of treatment for a person’s back pain.

In a study featuring 240 participants, all of whom with acute back pain, it was found that anti-inflammatory drugs and spinal manipulation had no increased effect on their recovery time.

Over the duration of the study, participants were divided into groups, which each group receiving a differing form of treatment to take away their back pain. At the conclusion of the study, almost all of the participants were cured of their back pain no matter what form of treatment they received.

“GPs can manage patients confidently without exposing them to increased risks and costs associated with NSAIDs or spinal manipulative therapy,” said Study leader Mark Hancock.

According to Dr Bart Koes from the Department of General Practice at Erasmus University in the Netherlands, “It is very likely that for many patients with acute low back pain currently treated with NSAIDs and/or spinal manipulation this would not have been needed if adequate first-line treatment with paracetamol and advice and reassurance was given.”

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