Disgusting research for Cancer

Can you beleive this: a drug that might add 6 weeks on to a patients life is given top health news. I can’t beleive they are allowed to publish this stuff. They will do anything to sell a drug. Shame on them!!!!

Published: Thursday, November 15, 2007

OTTAWA — A Canadian-led international study of patients with advanced colorectal cancer has added “one more tool” for them: a drug that extends their lives by an average of six weeks, and which may also help to cure patients if it’s used early.

So far, the drug Cetuximab has only been tested in patients for whom all other treatments have failed. Their cancer has spread, and chemotherapy no longer helps them. The patients in the study lived an average of six months on the drug Cetuximab as opposed to an average of four and a half months without it.

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