Care makes patients more alive

What do people “get” from chiropractic? Most people assume they will feel better, but that can mean so many different things.

You can talk to patients who say they were able to return to work or remain working. Others have been able to avoid surgery while others receive benefits after a failed surgery. Many people have turned to chiropractic because a chronic problem became unbearable.

In a deeper respect, they have learned to erase their fears by understanding how their bodies were reacting to stress. Their participation in chiropractic care gives them a renewed confidence. When problems are resolved, something is learned, providing a positive emotional impression. You don’t always have to look for a specific outcome, however. Sometimes receiving an adjustment without any expectations is a precious gift, as well.

My father died in his sleep a number of years ago. While I was waiting for a family member to pick me up on the way to our hometown, I called my best friend, also a chiropractor. He came over as soon as I told him my news and offered to give me an adjustment. Read More….

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