Local chiropractors help make holidays brighter for Indian reservation

When it comes to making it a happier holiday at a Montana indian reservation, three local chiropractor’s can say, “i’ve got your back!”

Tthe presents are piling up at Freedlund Chiropractic in Winnebago. And they’re earmarked for the Fort Peck Indian Reservation. It’s the second straight year that about 30 midwestern chripractors try to spread holiday cheer to a reservation with a 65% unemployment rate, a 70% child poverty rate, and where the average student at the community college is a 35 year old single mother.

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‘);”This is part of greater project called love has no color where we’re actually sending a native american student to chiropractic college.”, said Freedlund Family Chiropractic owner Heather Freedlund. “So what we’re hoping to do is at least bring them a little bit of hope so they can see that life can actually be different then what it is there. Because really, all they see is that poverty and that loss.”

Last year over 9,000 gifts were given to Fort Peck kids. This year the local chiropractors are also asking for gifts for adult women, so that every kid on the reservation can give a gift to their mom. You have until tuesday to send gifts to any of the three following local chripractors.

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