Do MS Societies serve the patient or the drug companies?

When one is stricken with an illness like MS they have very few places to turn for help and guidance. The most obvious source of information is the MS Societies. However it doesn’t take long once you visit their website to see that their main focus is to promote all the toxic drugs available.

The website reads as if it was written by the pharmaceutical industry to push their drugs. Are they really looking out for the MS patient or taking advantage of them? My wife has MS and we attended MS group meetings for years and witnessed friends at those meetings go from having minimal symptoms to in some cases dying. All of these people were taking the drugs recommended on the MS Societies website and non were using alternative treatments. My wife and another lady at these meetings never took MS drugs and they are very functional in society with minimal symptoms. They only used alternative treatments to manage their illness. None of the drugs offered by the drug companies are cures for MS. The side effects are often more serious then the illness that is being treated.

Some of the drugs recommended on their websites are Avonex, Betaseron, Copaxone, Rebif and Tysabri.

Reports of a few of the side effects:

Avonex: Depression, suicidal ideation, and new or worsening other psychiatric disorders

Betaseron: Liver damage; decrease in blood counts; depression

Copaxone: depression, suicide; psychiatric disorders

Rebif: depression, suicide; psychiatric disorders

Tysabri: headaches; depression; stomach pain; muscle pain; tiredness

None of these drugs claim to cure MS. They only claim to reduce the MS attacks but it is a trade off for other more serious symptoms.

There are many alternative modalities that can reduce MS attacks just as effectively and without side effects. Moxibustion; acupuncture, hands on healing, herbal treatments, massage….only to mention a few. The only reference the MS Society has to complementary and alternative therapies is this comment: There may be risks associated with different types of CAM, including negative interactions with MS therapies.”

When you are doing your own research no matter what your illness you have to know the sponsors of the societies which are supposedly there to help you. In many cases the sponsors are the pharmaceutical industry. Do your own research and you will avoid the serious consequences of being on any of the medications, which in the long term cause more problems than the illness being treated. Take charge of your own research and healing.


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