Botts and Barrett – Fumble Bumble Stumble Jumble…

I check my Pacer Account every few days and yesterday found four new filings in the Doctor’s Data v Barrett, Federal Court case.  After that I am even more convinced that the script writers for Saturday Night Live are designing Barrett’s Defense.

The four documents, all presented by Stephen Barrett‘s three attorneys (actually two-and-a-half – I will explain) tell a story that will somewhat amuse you.  It certainly amused me.

One of the documents, this one filed by Michael K. Botts, Esq. is a plea to the Court for Reconsideration, with explanations, to be allowed to represent Barrett at all.  It seems the Chicago Court rejected Botts. I will let you read this document shortly.

Another document brings in a second “local attorney” to represent Barrett – to try and save the day.

A third document is a Motion to Extend time to answer (no big surprise) filed by the newest “local attorney.”

And, the fourth document is a Notice of Hearing on Motion to extend time sent to Doctor’s Data legal firm.

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