Limiting Beliefs

Your perspective of the world is based on your individual belief systems, thus you are creating your own world from your own world view. Your opinions are formed through life experiences, religious beliefs, spiritual and cultural views. Your beliefs act as filters through which you view everything in your reality. These beliefs set the limitations that guide your thoughts, words and actions. Believe in yourself and that you are capable of anything. It is essential to be aware of your beliefs so that you can be open to new information and change. Read More…


Chiropractors to Keep our Veterans Healthy Act

California Rep. Bob Filner has introduced vitally important legislation, HR 1471, the “Better Access to Chiropractors to Keep our Veterans Healthy Act (BACK Veterans Health Act),” which would provide for urgently needed reforms in the way veteran beneficiaries of the US Department of Veterans Affairs can access chiropractic services.

This important legislation would:

  • Provide for direct access for veterans to chiropractic services and end the current climate of discrimination in which some DVA medical professionals refuse requests for referral to a doctor of chiropractic.
  • Expand the list of chiropractic services available to eligible veterans through the DVA health care programs, thus providing for a level of care comparable to other first-class healthcare delivery programs.
  • Provide veterans a greater say in their own health care decision making.
  • Read More….

    Local chiropractors help make holidays brighter for Indian reservation

    When it comes to making it a happier holiday at a Montana indian reservation, three local chiropractor’s can say, “i’ve got your back!”

    Tthe presents are piling up at Freedlund Chiropractic in Winnebago. And they’re earmarked for the Fort Peck Indian Reservation. It’s the second straight year that about 30 midwestern chripractors try to spread holiday cheer to a reservation with a 65% unemployment rate, a 70% child poverty rate, and where the average student at the community college is a 35 year old single mother.

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    ‘);”This is part of greater project called love has no color where we’re actually sending a native american student to chiropractic college.”, said Freedlund Family Chiropractic owner Heather Freedlund. “So what we’re hoping to do is at least bring them a little bit of hope so they can see that life can actually be different then what it is there. Because really, all they see is that poverty and that loss.”

    Last year over 9,000 gifts were given to Fort Peck kids. This year the local chiropractors are also asking for gifts for adult women, so that every kid on the reservation can give a gift to their mom. You have until tuesday to send gifts to any of the three following local chripractors.

    Nutrition pioneer recognized with award

    Dr. Rogers Prize recognizes excellence in complementary and alternative medicine Deck – With Label Lorem deckline ipsum dolor sit

    Jenny Lee, Vancouver Sun

    Published: Saturday, November 03, 2007

    Victoria’s Dr. Abram Hoffer, 89, has won the inaugural Dr. Rogers Prize for Excellence in Complementary and Alternative Medicine for his work using nutrition and vitamins to treat disease.

    The $250,000 award, funded by the Vancouver-based philanthropic Hecht Foundation, is the first award of its kind in Canada, and the largest in North America. The award will be shared with co-winner Dr. Alastair Cunningham of Toronto, creator of The Healing Journey, a non-profit program that helps cancer patients use relaxation and mental imagery to cope with the disease.

    “I am deeply honoured,” Hoffer said in an interview. “The first thing I’m going to do is put it in the bank and have a photograph of me depositing it.” Read More ….

    Acupuncture for Mds: Programs of Study

    Friday, 07 September 2007
    Today, there are advanced educational programs and continuing education courses in acupuncture for MDs.  A variety of practicing physicians may choose to enroll in any number of these acupuncture for MDs training courses to further the scope of available healthcare services or to simply enhance treatment options to patients.  Medical healthcare givers and chiropractic doctors who participate in specialized training (in acupuncture for MDs) acquire a solid foundation of medical acupuncture skills.  In addition, acupuncture for MDs course is specifically designed to combine both Eastern and Western medicine and healthcare principles to better evaluate and treat patients both conventionally and complementary.  Read More….

    Things to Try Before Getting Back Surgery on a Herniated Disc

    What to try before you have back surgery on your herniated disc

    If you or someone you care for is due for back surgery on a herniated disc, then this may be the most important letter you ever read.

    Here’s why…Going straight in for back surgery on a  herniated disc   without taking some crucial steps to prepare can increase the already inherent risks of such surgery on general health.

    Physiotherapy: Physiotherapists are experts at assessing and treating disorders of the spine. Getting professional help early can dramatically reduce your recovery time and get you back to work and sport more quickly. You will receive advice on exercises and movements to avoid, as well as those that encourage healing. Many physiotherapists are experienced at teaching pilates and can design a program to strengthen your back and prevent further injury in the future.  Read More….

    Anti-alternative “Quackbusters” Have Giant Court Losses on Two Continents: Holland, Pennsylvania & California Courts Rule Against Them


    Recent rulings in Amsterdam, Pennsylvania and the Supreme Court of California are heavy blows to the Quackwatch anti-chiropractic and anti-alternative medicine organizations.

    After years of being labeled a”quack,” defamed and ridiculed professionally, ” Dr. Maria Sickesz won a great victory in Amsterdam, Holland early June 2007.

    The Netherlands Appeals Court ordered the “Vereniging tegen de Kwalzalverij” (Association Against Quackery, which is the Dutch version of the so-called “Quackbusters” ) to cease and desist from using the demeaning, subjective and pejorative term “quack.” This group is linked extensively on their website with the American “quackwatch” headed by Stephen Barrett, who also has suffered several legal defeats recently.

    The Justices recognized that this group’s affinity for giving demeaning labels to doctors with whose practices they disagreed was a way of shutting down emerging science. They were also ordered to publish a public retraction in two widely circulated newspapers,  which is estimated to cost around thirty thousand euro dollars and has been said will bankrupt this highly controversial association.

    Dr. Sickesz developed a kind of healing called orthomanual therapy which integrates chiropractic practices. For several decades the “quackbuster” organizations around the world have waged legal and public relations wars against chiropractors and other non traditional practitioners, demonizing them with their biased campaigns.

    In June, for the second time, Barrett lost a case in a Pennsylvania Appeals Court against a local and respected chiropractor. Suing Dr. Tedd Koren has definitely backfired on the longtime head of the quackwatch empire. During this case, Barrett had to reveal that he had failed his psychiatric medical board tests and was never board certified for the decades he practiced. Board certification protects patients.

    Barrett Vs Rosenthal
    was decided in November, 2006 against Barrett and his co-plaintiffs, Terry Polevoy and Christopher Grell. Though Barrett had claimed he was “defamed” and “libeled,” the Supreme Court Justice’s final words in the decision were, “As the lower courts correctly concluded, however, none of the hostile comments against Dr. Barrett alleged in the complaint are defamatory.” In May, 2007, Barrett and Polevoy were ordered to post bonds of over $433,000 in this case.

    In an earlier court loss, Barrett and fellow “National Council Against Health Fraud” member, Wallace Sampson, were ruled to be “biased and unworthy of credibility” in a case they lost against King Bio, a homeopathtic remedy company.