Letting Go and Letting your Chiropractic Life Grow

By Sharon Gorman, Doctor of Chiropractic Chiropractor news features content intended specifically for the doctor of chiropractic. Many of the articles on this website (in this particular category) focus on the lifestyle, motivation and discipline related to being an “in the field” chiropractor.

When I get too caught up in how things turn out, I need to look at that as a symptom. Of course I want all things to turn out well and everyone to live happily ever after (especially myself) but that is not reality. Things turn out the way they turn out. I am not in control of the world or even my little world. There is a power greater than myself and it’s not me. I sometimes get frustrated and self doubting if things don’t work out the way “I” think they should. If the reason that I think they didn’t work out turns out to be because of something someone else did then I have a tendency to feel like a victim. All these feelings discourage me and scare me from making decisions that are going to effect my future. If you think about it, all decisions effect your future one way or another.

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Is Chiropractic More Effective Than Pain Killers In Treating Chronic Back Pain? Asks Dr James Osiwala

Chronic back pain is a multi-billion dollar expense in the United States. It is estimated that about 50 million Americans are living with chronic pain and two-thirds of our population will suffer from some type of acute or chronic back pain at some point of our lives. You don’t have to suffer with chronic back pain anymore says Dr. James Osiwala of Health For Life Chiropractic. The use of chiropractic has been proven to rid cases of chronic back pain. Traditionally, Americans tend to gravitate towards medical care to treat their chronic back pain. According to a study in the fall of 2005 in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, medical and chiropractic care costs are about equal, but chiropractic care produces better results in treating chronic back pain. According to Dr. Osiwala, “Chronic back pain is an epidemic. It affects the quality of every day life for millions of people. It is particularly frustrating to see so many suffer when a viable solution exists. Chiropractic has been shown to be 90% cheaper than surgery for back pain.” Many times chronic back pain sufferers rely on over the counter or prescription pills to provide temporary relief each day. “This is not a healthy way of dealing with chronic back pain, in fact reliance on these kinds of drugs have negative side effects on your liver, kidneys, and stomach. Use of pain killers also numb a person from warning signals given by their body. I’ve seen patients with acute back pain who prolong their recovery time. Instead of resting, they will get temporary pain relief from a pain killer and further strain their back muscles and ligaments, says Dr. Osiwala. Dr. Osiwala offers his first visit free of charge to anyone looking into chiropractic and how it can help treat their chronic back pain. Dr. James Osiwala, D.C. is located at 32004 Harper Ave, St. Clair Shores, MI 48082. He can be reached by telephone at 586-296-1111.