EEG Studies with Adam – DreamHealer

A total of 4 EEG brain maping studies were recently carried out on 4 different patients. These are all certified scientific methods of measuring brain wave activity. All 4 showed sigificant brain wave activity once Adam connected as if doing a healing. These results will add further to the proof that our intentions do affect those around us. More details on these results will be made available shortly.



In a preliminary trial to determine if Adam could uniquely change the brainwave activity of a target person we obtained full EEG recordings under four conditions. The first was when Adam was not in the same room with the target person. The second and forth recordings were when Adam was in the same room as the target person but he was inactive. The third and critical EEG recording was when Adam was focusing his energy on the target person. The topographic representations of the brainwave activity for the third condition is shown above. Basically the data reveals that there were no remarkable changes when Adam was not active but there was a very specific increase in Theta (3-7 cycles per second) brainwave amplitude in the frontal brain regions when Adam directed his energy toward the target person at a distance of several feet away. This data is interesting and certainly indicates that further study of the healing phenomena is warranted. More test are planned over the next couple of weeks. Further information can be found on the DreamHealer website. Full Article at: Dreamhealer website.