Christian Chiropractor Sees New Testament Healings in Ghana

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (ANS) — When chiropractor Dr. Chad Hawk left for a two-week missions trip to Ghana last month, he knew he was called to go. What he didn’t know was how fruitful this short visit would be. What Hawk saw was straight out of the New Testament. The crippled were restored, the lame walked, and the blind could see. And yes, the people glorified God for these tremendous healings.

“This was a truly amazing experience,” Hawk told a large group gathered to hear his report from the trip. “There is no way I can ever put it into words.”

With songs like Casting Crown’s “Who Am I” and Chris Tomlin’s “I am a Friend of God” playing in the background, a video followed by a slide show showed the crowd scenes from the trip, including dozens of people walking, running, and jumping for joy following their adjustments. Read More….